Vision Golf Ball Pinky Box Sale!
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Vision | ProSoft | UVee (r) Pinky | 12 Ball + Bonus T Pack

$50.00 $39.95

The Gel “Pinky” Vision Golf Ball with Exciting Soft Gel Cover.

Quantity: 12 Golf Balls
Packaging: Single ball packaging in 2 x 6 pack

Product Description

Vision Icon The Gel Pinky The Gel “Pinky” Vision golf ball has an exciting Transparent (almost see through) Soft Cover also with the large Easy to See Numbers, Vision Dual-Layer Power Technology, producing longer straighter shots.


Vision EZ2C large numbers

EZ 2 SEE Large Numbers
No more crouching down to read
your ball’s number.

vision icon long and straightLong and Straight
The Vision tech dimple pattern creating increased length
and improved accuracy.

vision icon multi coreDual-Layer Power
The Vision concentric circles icon shows this ball has Vision’s advanced power technology with the use of multiple components.

The Vision Pinky is part of the new 2017 ProTour Series