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Vision | ProSoft | UVee (r) Gel CLR White | 24 balls + 3 bonus pack

$120.00 $89.95

NEW & IMPROVED | 2021 PS-808 | Prototypes.

Bright ProWhite Colour | Softer Cover Blend with larger faster core formula.


Product Description

Vision | ProSoft | 24 balls | UVee (r) Gel CLR White | Premium Game Improvement Designs | by WJB

The Bosley family have been involved in the golf industry as elite players since 1956 in Australia and working within the industry since 1960 . We are well known in the International golf industry and set-up our latest project built around the Vision brand in 2005 . Many of our designs come from a common sense players approach but with truly unique innovations that make each and every product something worth trying.

Thank you for taking an interest in what we are presenting and any feedback is always welcome.

William (Bill) J.Bosley a.s.m. – Vision Co-Founder & Design Team Leader